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All UK citizens are entitled to student funding for up to 5 years of education, this will cover your university fees.  You are also able to access Student Maintainance of up to £13,000 per year to help you with living costs while you study.  Contact us to find out more.

The requirements will depend on your chosen course.  We do however have courses that require zero qualifications.  So no matter your position we can help you.

Studying abroad is a great way to both learn and enjoy a new country and emerce yourself in a different culture and perhaps even learn a new language.  We have universities in many different countries including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Switzerland.  Contact us for more info.

Many students need to transfer university.  We will make the entire process a stress free experience.


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Pricilia Doe

I am very much impressed by the service provided by WeeUp Student Recruit. First of all I thank god who helped me to find the appropriate consultancy for me

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The pandemic had left me crippled. I was struggling to find a job as I had less skill and no degree. I saw the ad of WeeUp Student Recruit and now I am getting almost £11,500 per year to get my graduation degree for 4 years. So, after 4 years not only I will have a degree, but also I will be £40,000 richer.

Atif Javed

I working in hotel, but Covid made me lost my job, then I cant find new job for long time. I worry all the time about rent and food for my baby. WeeUp Student Recruit has helped me so much. They show me I can learn and make money and I have more time for part time job as well. I am now very happy, I not worry about money and after finish my Business Degree I can do more better job and high wages. I am most happy with WeeUp Student Recruit’s service.

Nicoli Marian Petre